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Log Cabin Homes Builder in Truckee & Tahoe City, CA

Log homes in Truckee and Tahoe City have become the ultimate place for families to hang out together and spend a nice weekend. Instead of visiting a new destination, the log cabin home brings the family together. Building the log cabin takes months and months of effort. You have to gather so many things and put them up one by one to give it a complete look. Naturally, there will be a lot of questions on how the log home will be built and what items will be required to build it. Here is a guide that will help:

Truckee or Tahoe City Custom Log Cabin Build

Many people wish to have a log cabin home built from scratch. In this case, you should identify your priorities from the above and go on to make the dream log cabin home for your family.

Contents of a log cabin home kit

A log cabin home kit is the box in which the critical materials of the log cabin are stored. Although it may not necessarily have to be a box, these are the ingredients that will help to build the log home. The kit will contain: • Roofing • Log walls • Doors and windows • Flooring (optional)

Price of the log cabin kit

Probably one of the questions that go around in your head before you start pinning down the logs is how much the kit will cost. Well, it depends on how big you want the cabin to be. A small cabin will need a lesser number of items, and the price of the kit can start from $58,500. These are cabins that are sized below 1100 sq ft. On the other hand, the larger cabins that are more than 2200 sq ft. will need more materials. So, the approximate cost of the kit will start from $164,000. There is also a medium range that is between 1100 sq ft. to 2200 sq ft. The price of the kit starts at $122,000 and is the most chosen option. Keep in mind, this is a national average estimation and is usually significantly more in California. Furthermore, this would not include hiring a general contractor in Truckee or Tahoe City to build it for you.

Types of wood to choose from

Once you have an idea about the cost of the kit, you will want to decide on the type of log or the log profile for the cabin home. Some of the most common lumber that is used for making log homes are cypress, pine, spruce, and white cedar. Cedar is the most chosen one and also considered the premium log amongst the four. It can withstand extreme weather conditions. After you have selected the type of log, you will have to decide on the log finish. There are four types of log profiles: 1. Half log 2. Round log 3. Square log 4. D-log The log profile is what enhances the energy efficiency of the log home. If you are not sure about the log profile, then choose the D-log from the rest. It is the most used profile and makes sure you get a Tongue and Groove notch for this profile. This helps to place the other logs on it properly. They come with grooves that make the installation part easier.
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